Repiping Review of Repipe Specialists.

The following is another wonderful recommendation sent in through a recent client of Repipe Specialists.

In June of this year we emailed quite a few service providers to put together bids to repipe our home. Not only did Repipe Specialists provide us the lowest price, we had been most encouraged by the salesperson that visited the house. Your man was absolutely trained and also demonstrated the water pipe that would be utilized in our home whenever we opted for their particular business for the task.

After we reviewed the 3 estimates, i decided upon Repipe Specialists with regards to their professional business techniques. The workforce came on the day and time that they told me they’d get going with the hard work. Towards the end of that day, the work had been finished. A part of turf was initially taken out in order to lay down the water lines, and the sod had been repaired, and also it appeared to be not noticeable where they excavated the trench. Just after a few weeks ever since the process was done, the yard pretty much looks exactly as nice as it did prior to job. The next day following the new copper water pipes were put in place, the dry wall work was performed, and it was ahead of our expectations in relation to quality.

A couple of days later, I needed to speak to Repipe Specialists to have an adjustment made in one of the valves in my shower. The subsequent morning another of your plumbers quickly came to the house to remedy the problem. We ended up being most pleasantly surprised because everything had been completed as assured and promptly on time. So many times you hear of installers that may not respond once the work is carried out. This isn’t the case by using Repipe Specialists.“We would recommend Repipe Specialists to my close neighbors regarding their superior service and the competitive price for the job.
- David S.